Happy Women’s Day

A very happy Women’s Day to all Ennovators out there. 2018 has been an exciting year for Evolvus in terms of customer acquisition, technology, market expansion and product development. But the best news comes from the diversity front. Evolvus has seen a significant uptick in women representation across all teams. Some teams like Flux Corporate Direct Access (CDA) are tipping towards girl power.

Women are only 21% of the Evolvus (a slight increase of 1% from last year). But the heartening part is the emergence of women Ennovators in lead roles. More project managers and project leads are emerging from the ranks of women Ennovators (in fact 60% of the leads are women). Barring few teams, others have taken an active role in recruiting and mentoring women for tech roles.

As the Chief Architect and Head of the Technical Architecture Group (TAG), I have been keenly watching the growing interest of women in technology domains. This year TAG has improved on its diversity standing with more feminine presence among the ranks. Hopefully we will see women breaking the glass ceiling in terms of overseas assignments and lead roles.

2018 has seen global movements towards women representation and the Silicon Valley industries have been called out for their skewed gender ratios. At Evolvus, we are bridging the gender gap with strong mentorship programs. Our aim is to develop strong women business leaders coming out of Evolvus Solutions.

Women at Evolvus

Women at Evolvus