Five hashtags that encapsulate Scrum at Evolvus


Ken Schwaber, the grand master of the Scrum Universe said that “scrum can help to harness change for competitive advantage.” It enables organizations to grab disruptive opportunities in real time. In the ever changing payments and banking domain, Scrum brings in a sense of stability and achievement.

Scrum at Evolvus has begun with lot of promise. Let us look at five things that Scrum brings to the table,

#Putting method into madness

The production floor is usually a very chaotic place with developers coping with new change requests, information glut about markets and customers and constant tweaking by the business team. Scrum brings stability to this chaos. The teams focus on releasable increment of the product. New information can be added without losing your marbles every new sprint.

#Soothing Cadence

Scrum at Evolvus brings in a rhythm for performance. The teams to need deliver value adds specified during the scrum planning meetings. It involves fulfilling on the “definition of done.”

This predictability helps them to understand what is required and slowly improve on the forecasts or estimates incrementally. The soothing cadence enables a frictionless process over time.

#Reduced Risks

The sprint goals remain focussed and does not change unless it is a life-threatening emergency. This stability helps the development team to focus on razor sharp goals. It is further finetuned when the business team inspects the value add and provides feedback. This introspection is a great way to understand if a change in direction is needed. With small changes, the risks can be easily managed and reversed.


The predictability and control does not mean monotony. Product development is fraught with risks and teams are learning and adapting on the way. It gives them the freedom to understand, experiment and express their feelings.

Every stand-up meeting is a exercising this freedom. Every member disseminates the learnings and arrives at a consensus to create something of value. Safely said, Scrum offers the freedom to collaborate, experiment and organize in real time with minimum risks.

#Competitive Edge

Successful Scrum offers an agile business that scales up and incorporates changes with out mind hacks. This provides a competitive advantage for companies to cope in the digital world.

It is a journey of artful discovery where incremental changes deliver something of expansive value. Something akin to building a Lego castle. Bit by bit, one log at a time, but at last creating something that is malleable to your outlook.