Ahli Bank of Kuwait Data Migration –  Exciting Frontiers, Overcoming Challenges, Ensuring Success

Ahli Bank of Kuwait  (ABK) is one of the leading banks in the Middle East with a large customer base. The increasing demand for mobility and platform agnostic digital services needed a highly flexible, robust and agile core banking system. The move towards digitization was constrained by the presence of multiple legacy systems which dispersed data across the organization.

Ahli Bank of Kuwait decided to migrate to the Finacle Core Banking to consolidate heterogeneous applications and diverse legacy systems. Evolvus was tasked to progressively migrate legacy data with 100% accuracy and zero disruption in daily banking operations. We are the partner of choice for Finacle migration, having completed over 15+ successful high precision migrations for global banking majors in the Middle East and India.

The data migration activity presented diverse challenges in terms of operations, data quality management and collaboration with the ABK staff. There were multiple sources for legacy data which made consolidation in to single version of truth, much more challenging. Data cleansing and validation also were crucial with data stored in diverse and incompatible formats.

The team worked with the core team in ABK to resolve issues and mapped the entire migration process. The major challenge was the complete financial reconciliation wherein a single GL from Legacy system had to be moved to multiple GLs in the Finacle systems and vice versa. More than 100 verification reports were provided to affirm the fidelity of the entire migration process. The Go-Live window was available only for few hours and the verification reports were essential to render the process seamless and error free.

Timing is a crucial factor in the migration process. Each of the 5 mocks was planned and executed with precision and the final go-live was completed within 24 hours compared to the industry average of 48 hours. Ahli Bank of Kuwait today is running on one of the best core banking systems, delivering frictionless services to all its customers.

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Gopal Krishna Prabhu writes about the new frontiers that were mastered during ABK data migration. His team delivered over 100+ reports to ensure the fidelity of the migration process with zero issues.