How Scrum can help to thrive in complex situations?

There are no such thing as easy projects.

Jobs are becoming more automotive and responsive to the external environment. But with Scrum we are able to make complex projects more tangible, achievable and customer centric.

Real scrum provides a level of flexibility, reliability and predictability for the team in its pursuit of the goal. The product owner charts the journey towards the goal and the Scrum Master removes the bumps on the road. The inherent collaborative sprit gets the team on an easy rhythm to complete the incremental product changes that deliver business value.

But in a complex environment where products for high security banking and artificial intelligence are developed, Scrum acquire a new sense of purpose. In high stakes game like developing AI products, even a simple code change can lead to a drastic change in bot behaviour or pattern delivery.  If the problem persists, the accrued costs will skyrocket invalidating months of research and hard work.

Scrum is helping us to identify mistakes early on which helps the teams to continuously deliver, learn and improve on the existing processes. Scrum Masters are encouraging their teams in organizing and defining the backlogs, planning sprints and ensuring that the team hits all the agile target metrics.

Evolvus Scrum has shown significant value as evident from the infographic below.

evolvus infographics

Scrum benefits are proven across the world with many Fortune500 and blue-chips following agile development practices. Universities, Military, Michellin Star Restaurants and others are using Scrum to remain ultra-responsive to their customers.