Evolvus 2018 global successes till now



We are half way in to 2018 and Evolvus is already re-inventing the payment modernization landscape. With future ready products we are continually moving ahead of the disruption curve. Innovate and disrupt – that’s been our core vision and this is deeply entrenched in our DNA.

This year continues to bring in new surprises and excitement with new technologies and markets. Evolvus has consistently moved in the payment modernization field with our e-mandate solutions finding new clients in India and the Middle east. Banks, NFBC’s, Corporates and Financial Institutions continue to show their immense trust in our ability to deliver robust, customized and sustainable solutions that deliver a seamless payment experiences for their end-users.

Evolvus is moving in a new strategic direction with SaaS enabled Flux e-mandate solution for major banking clients. The pay-as-you-go or subscription model is finding acceptance with our client base. The cloud delivered solutions bring down the infrastructure costs and clients also have reported a 30% savings in cost. Cloud also ensures an un-matched customer experience with support and assistance available at all times.

Our clients are still winning awards in national and international forums. Equitas was recently recognized by National Payments Corporation of India for its NACH solutions. Evolvus Flux underpins its award winning NACH solutions. Earlier IndusInd Bank was recognized for its Electronic Benefit Transfer readiness at IBA Banking Technology Awards. Evolvus is extremely proud to be part of their innovative payment initiatives. (Read more)

We have also emerged as one of the leading Data Engineering companies specializing in the banking data domain. Our Data Masking project for the tier-1 bank in the middle East was successfully completed. This solution consists of a dynamic framework that completely masks all the customer information in the core banking system. It ensures fool proof data anonymity to comply with the emerging compliance and regulatory requirements. (Know about data masking project)

Evolvus has completed 11 successful years in delivering next-generation solutions for the financial sector. We have achieved deep domain expertise and an innovative product portfolio to predict incoming disruptions. This helps us in guiding our partners in developing core competencies, achieve sustainable growth and perfect customer experiences.