Evolvus completes data masking project for a tier-1 bank in the Middle East

Evolvus Solutions has successfully delivered customer data masking solution for a Global Banking Major. This solution consists of a dynamic framework that completely masks all the customer information in the core banking system. It ensures fool proof data anonymity to comply with the emerging compliance and regulatory requirements.

Data masking acquires new importance with the emergence of powerful privacy laws like GDPR. It refers to the process of creating a structurally similar but inauthentic version of an organization’s data that can be used for purposes such as software testing and user training. The purpose is to protect the actual data while having a functional substitute for occasions when the real data is not required.

The growing data breaches have created an urgent need for data obfuscation to protect sensitive information within the organization. The Evolvus framework has powerful encryption and masking capabilities without damaging data fidelity. Every environment made available to the bank IT and others is first masked to ensure no customer information can be identified. The framework provides the flexibility to add/remove entities to the masking list. The banks can include or exclude new entities to the list.

“Masking of data in an application requires a deep knowledge of the application and the industry. The data needs to be catalogued and sieved to identify the data to be masked. At the same time, the masking design should ensure that the application does not break due to the masking. Evolvus deep domain expertise and experience was crucial in delivering the project in record timelines, “says Anish Thomas, Chief architect, Evolvus Solutions  

Data masking does not impact the user’s throughput. It can scale over to terabytes of data in case of large scale projects. Evolvus’s holistic approach takes into account the diversity of the in-house systems and incorporates the flexibility to meet the future process and compliance changes.